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Ready Made Companies

Ready Made Companies

What is an off the shelf company?

The expression “ready made companies” or “off the shelf companies” refers to companies already registered and therefore ready to start an activity. Usually they are unused entities that never started a business or they have been incorporated by a formation agent in order to be sold at a later stage to suit the needs of clients requiring a quick and easy solution. Until a few years ago, the incorporation process was longer and would go through the submission of paper forms, hence the importance of the creation of ready made companies to be held in stock and offered as a valid alternative to the standard procedure.

Benefits of ready made companies

The advantages brought by a UK shelf company are multiple and make it still a relevant choice even today that the electronic registration has taken over:


  • Time saving: a shelf company is pre-registered and therefore gives you the chance to get started with your business right away without going through the normal procedure and saving time on the incorporation process.
  • Company number: a company number is provided at the time of purchase of your shelf company; you could find it particularly convenient when a UK base is required by your counterparties to enter into a contract with them.
  • Less bureaucracy: the company documents (including certificate of incorporation,memorandum and articles of association, share certificates and all government registration documents) are handed over right after the acquisition of your company avoiding the bureaucracy involved in the standard process.
  • Credibility: the trading history of a shelf company, established for a few months or years, gives the business a certain degree of credibility and improves its reputation facilitating the relationships with suppliers and clients as well as allowing for the bid on contracts where it is required the presence in business for a certain length of time.
  • Company name:with our range of ready made companies in stock it is not necessary to think about a company name, all you need is select the most suitable from the list below.

How to purchase an off the shelf company

GR Morgan Formations holds in stock a catalogue of off the shelf companies for sale with several incorporation dates and names. Choose among the items listed and go through the purchase steps.

Get in touch to receive our up-to-date list as new ready made companies may be available.

Organisation Name Date of incorporation Jurisdiction Bank Account Price
ALANDSEN PARTNERS LIMITED 14/02/2008 UK 0 £ 2700.00 add to cart
ETIQUANTA LIMITED 14/02/2008 UK 0 £ 2700.00 add to cart
EUROPEAN CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIMITED 12/05/2008 UK 0 £ 5500.00 add to cart
EUROPEAN CONSULTANT LIMITED 19/09/2008 UK 0 £ 5000.00 add to cart
GLOBAL ACCOUNTANCY CENTRE LIMITED 23/06/2008 UK 0 £ 5000.00 add to cart
GLOBAL ESTATE AGENCY LIMITED 02/09/2008 UK 0 £ 5000.00 add to cart
GLOBAL INCORPORATION LIMITED 04/01/2008 UK 0 £ 5000.00 add to cart
LONDON BUSINESS SERVICE LIMITED 13/08/2008 UK 0 £ 5000.00 add to cart
PROPERTY AND REAL ESTATE AGENT LIMITED 27/08/2008 UK 0 £ 4000.00 add to cart
STRATEGIES BUSINESS LIMITED 23/05/2008 UK 0 £ 3000.00 add to cart
HGFeM LIMITED 04/04/2008 UK 0 £ 2700.00 add to cart
NEW ESTATE AGENCY LIMITED 18/09/2008 UK 0 £ 3000.00 add to cart
VA CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIMITED 22/12/2000 UK 0 £ 12995.00 add to cart
WORLDWIDE BUSINESS OUTSOURCING LIMITED 26/02/2007 UK 0 £ 25000.00 add to cart








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