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Seychelles offshore company formation

Seychelles offshore

Capital: Victoria

Official languages: French, English, Seychellois Creole

Currency: Seychellois Rupee (SCR)

Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, whose capital is Victoria. It is an interesting jurisdiction for international companies because it can offer privacy and confidentiality and because there is no taxation on any business run outside the country. Plus there are no requirements for filing accounts or other, therefore a Seychelles offshore company is hassle free.

The procedure to incorporate a company is simple, flexible and really fast as it can take up to 2 days from the submission to the incorporation of the company.

SeychellesSeychelles Offshore

  • Government Fees
  • Registered Address
  • Local Agent

Our Fees £ 620.00

Renewal £ 550.00


Law & Taxation
Seychelles law system is based on English common law. IBC (International Business Companies Act) of 1994 is the prime corporate legislation ruling Seychelles offshore company formation. IBCs are free from tax on business activities.

Corporate Requirements
The Seychelles offshore company formation requires at least one shareholder and one director; either directors or officers can act as shareholders and they may be from any country as resident officers are not required. Furthermore it is not necessary to appoint a company secretary or conduct annual general meetings in Seychelles and the corporate documentation should be in English or French. IBCs are not bound to file any accounts or financial statements.
Seychelles is now developing into one of the finest places in the world for offshore incorporation; it is a calm and economically strong place to start a business.

We Help You
GR Morgan Formations helps you to set up an overseas company in Seychelles with your chosen name. Customized and affordable incorporation packages including: share certificates, statutory registers, company chop, common seal and so on. We also assist in gaining certificates of good standing and other important documents.


Included Package


US Dollar


Minimum share capital

1 share



Minimum 1 ;non resident


Company Secretary

Not mandatory



Minimum 1


Registered address

Required local address in Seychelles


Local Requirements

Must maintain a local Registered Agent and a local Registered Office.


Yearly Government renewal

No .Just to pay government fees $100


Filing of accounts & Taxes

Not required but receipt and invoices has to be kept



0% tax





Fill out Incorporation form

Apply online


Documents required

Upload a copy of requested documents



Pay online with our secure payment


During & After incorporation

We will be in constant contact during and after


Duration for Incorporation

1-2 working days


Renewal Fee

First Year Fee




*Registration with Seychelles Authority



*Paying government fee



*Registered address and registered agent



*Appointing your director



*Certificate of Incorporation



*Standard Memorandum and Article of Association



*Ongoing Support







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