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Mauritius Global Business

Global Business Company Category 1 (Mauritius GBC1)

mauritius company formation‎ GBC1

Capital: Port Louis

Official languages: English - French

Currency: Mauritian Ruppe (MUR)

Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar. Since independence in 1968, Mauritius has developed from an agriculturally based economy to a middle-income diversified economy with growing industrial, financial, and tourist sectors. The government has developed strategies emphasizing on foreign investment. Mauritius is an attractive jurisdiction and has more than 15,000 offshore entities aiming to trade in India and South Africa. The official language in Mauritius is English but the population is fluent in both English and French.

Company Formtion Mauritius GBC1offshore Company Formtion Mauritius GBC1

  • Government Fees
  • Registered Address
  • Local Agent

call for price

call for price

Currency Any except Rs  
Minimum share capital US$1 *
Directors Minimum 1; must be a natural person  
Company Secretary Mandatory; must be resident  
Shareholder Minimum 1  
Registered address Required local address in Mauritius *
Local Requirements Must maintain a local Registered Agent and a local Registered Office. *
Yearly Government renewal No .Just to pay government fees $100 *
Filing of accounts & Taxes Yes  
Corporate Taxation Fron 0% to 3% *
Fill out Incorporation form call us on the 0044 207 939 0444
Documents required Upload a copy of requested documents
Payment Pay online with our secure payment
During & After incorporation We will be in constant contact during and after
Duration for Incorporation 4 weeks
 First Year FeeRenewal Fee
Inclusive : call us on the 0044 207 939 0444
Inclusive : To Order call us on the
0044 207 939 0444
To Order call us on the
0044 207 939 0444
*Incorporation * *
*Registration with Belize Autority * *
*Paying government fee * *
*Registered address and registered agent * *
*Appointing your director * *
*Certificate of Incorporation * *
*Standard Memorandum and Article of Association * *
*Ongoing Support * *


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