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Establishing a new company can be rewarding, exciting and full of possibilities. Your new business will depend on many things including what it should be called, how it will work, what it will do and what its future will be. GR MORGAN FORMATIONS is a leading firm for those entrepreneurs who want to establish their company smartly and successfully. Whether you are taking the first steps to starting your Ltd or Plc Company or need to make the presence of your existing company more effective by an online website or accountancy solutions, we are by your side. Our ongoing legal and business support services are tailored offered to complement your activity:

Bank Account
Bank Account
GR MORGAN FORMATIONS prides itself on its established relationships with top business banking institutions and various other major banks in the UK. Our assistance covers the process from the introduction to the institution, through the quick opening of your business account as well as the use of other bank services you may need.
Virtual Office
Virtual Office
It is time consuming and quite expensive to setup a fully working office. GR MORGAN FORMATIONS offers quality Virtual Office services suitable for both starting and existing businesses. All you need to look professional is set up in a moment.
Nominee Services
Nominee Services
GR MORGAN FORMATIONS offers three types of nominees for UK companies: Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder(s) and Nominee Company Secretary. We are committed to preserve anonymity and provide extra support to meet with your legal requirements. The service can be taken during the registration of your company or at any time in the year.
Secretarial Service
Secretarial Service
It is mandatory for all firms to maintain statutory registers, meeting reports and send forms and returns to Companies House.GR MORGAN FORMATIONS offers quality secretarial services which enable to save director’s precious time.
Apostile and Notary Services
Apostile & Notary Services
GR MORGAN FORMATIONS offers a full certification, notarisation and apostille services to companies that need legalised documents for an overseas body or wishing for a foreign branch registration.
Business Document
Business Document
Whether you need terms & conditions, privacy statements, employment contracts, and so on, you will get complete top quality assistance.





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